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Honduras Geology (updated 2/16/98)
Instituto Geografico Nacional
Apartado Postal 20706, Tegucigalpa, M.D.C., Honduras C.A.

Director General - Dr. Noé Pineda Portillo, Tel. (504) 25-2759, Fax (504) 25-4789, email: noe@sdnhon.org.hn

Sub Director - Geraldo H. Torrez D. Tel. (504) 25-2759, (504) 25-5432, email: ign%sig@sdnhon.org.hn

Jefe Departamento de Cartografia - Raul E. Chinchilla Tel. (504) 25-0752, Fax (504) 25-4789

Geology Map Progress

1997 saw the publication of the geology map of Morocelí sheet by Richard Markey. The report, in Spanish, for the Morocelí quad can be found by clicking here. The esteemed Ing.. Reniery Elvir published the "Mapa Geotectonico de la República de Honduras" at the 1:1,000,000 scale. The Ojojona sheet was being finalized the first week of February, 1998 and should soon be published. Work is beginning on the special edition Boca Wampú geology map.

Jefe Departamento de Cartografia, Raul E. Chinchilla, has informed Honduras Geology that ALL geology sheets are scheduled for a second edition beginning with Talanga and Tegucigalpa in 1998. The purpose is to update the topographic base (the Tegucigalpa sheet was published with the 1954 topographic base) and to provide an English version of the stratigraphic description. Ing.. Chinchilla agrees that this is also the appropriate time update the named map units on several sheet to bring them in line with current usage. Also, any errors in printing or geology will be addressed.

Therefore, the principle author of each geological map is asked to 1) review the his/her map for errors and omissions, 2) review the English translation of the stratigraphic descriptions that appears on this website and provide corrections to Rob Rogers, or alternatively, you can provide IGN with the English stratigraphic descriptions directly, and 3) consider writing a short bilingual geology report for publication on the back of the map. Honduras Geology is preparing a guide that updates the stratigraphic names for all the published geology maps in Honduras. Comments will be welcome when the draft is ready for review.

Hydrogeology Map Series

A total of four hydrogeology maps are now available for Honduras. At the 1:250,000 scale are the North (Sula Valley), Central (Tegucigalpa and Comayagua) and South (Choluteca and Gulfo de Fonseca). A 1:500,000 scale map of the entire country is also available. These maps were part of an Overseas Development Administration program that involved British Geological Survey hydrogeologists Andrew McKenzie, Derrek Ball and Rowan McKittrick and SANAA hydrogeologists Rodolfo Ochoa, Ligia Duron de Montoya, Milton Sagastume, Miriam Flores, and Rodolfo Rauldales.

Honduras Geology is proud to be able to present this unofficial website for the Instituto Geografico Nacional of Honduras. Dr. Pineda indicated that the IGN would soon have its own website.

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