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Jan. 30, 2007



1.      GSA Membership Matters

         GSA Student Membership is an incredible value at only US $30/year, and I recommend you join right away in order to take advantage of benefits such as free online access to Geology and GSA Bulletin. You can apply anytime online or see me with questions and obtain a paper application. If you are already a GSA member, please update your addresses (physical and e-mail) if they have changed recently.


2.      Section Meetings

         Smaller regional GSA Section Meetings provide an unparalleled opportunity for student participation in the scientific community, and I invite you to learn more and participate. Some of the abstract deadlines have passed but you can still take advantage of spring 2007 Mentor Programs if you attend. Each GSA Section offers student Travel Grants to their spring regional meeting. You can view a GSA Section Meeting Opportunities flyer for more information. 


3.      GSA Student GeoVenture

         Montana Dinosaur Expedition for Students — Paleo Dig

         7–16 July 2007 (10 days).  Deposit deadline: 29 May 2007.

         This 100% hands-on expedition will focus on field based research including the importance of data analysis using fossils documented and collected in the field. Our expert paleontologists will cover subjects like taphonomy, taxonomy, osteo-anatomy, sedimentology, fossil prep lab techniques, and geologic time using real life examples and museum artifacts. This program is NOT a tour, but a hands-on dig. As a research team member, you are given the opportunity to learn and take part in actual field techniques used to find, collect, and preserve dinosaur fossils. For more information, go to www.geoventures.org.


         Other great GSA GeoVentures learning vacations are open to everyone!

         China's Feathered Dinosaurs
20–29 July 2007

         Alaska: Changing Glaciers — Changing Landscapes
21–28 July 2007

         Geology of the Sierra Nevada & White-Inyo Range, California

         4–11 August 2007


4.      GSA Publications

         Student members of GSA receive free online access to GSA Journals (Geology, GSA Bulletin, and Geosphere), and you will find this site invaluable. The GSA Online Bookstore is also a valuable resource for the latest in published geoscience information. GSA Members receive a 30% discount on most items in the GSA bookstore, and you should check regularly to see what’s new.


5.      FYI:  GeoInformatics

         GeoInformatics 2007 Conference:  Data to Knowledge
17-18 May 2007, San Diego , CA

         Co-sponsored by GSA, this conference will provide a national forum for researchers and educators from earth and planetary sciences and information technology/computer science. Participants will present new data, data analysis or modeling techniques, and visualization schemes or technologies as they relate to developing the cyber infrastructure framework for the geosciences.


6.      Biogeosciences

         Biogeosciences.org is still growing in support of this innovative field linking earth and life sciences. Human health issues are increasingly viewed in the context of the natural world. That many diseases and injuries arise directly from exposure to natural or anthropogenic agents in the environment is well recognized. A deepening understanding of linkages between human health and the environment has been aided by collaboration between scientists and practitioners in the geosciences and the health sciences. Stay tuned to the Biogeosciences Web site and its emerging focus on geology and health.  


More information on these, and all GSA programs, is always available at the GSA Web site or from:

GSA Sales and Service
Phone : +1-888-443-4472 (toll free) or +1-303-357-1000, option 3
Email : gsaservice@geosociety.org

Fax: +1-303-357-1071