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 GEOL 3500  

Earthquakes and Volcanoes  

Subject by week


 1-  Introduction
 2 - Plate Tectonics
 3 - Eruption

 4 - Volcanic 


       Exam 1
 5 - Eruption 

6 -  Eruption Types  

 7 - spring break

 8 - Historic 



 9- Exam 2 

      Earthquake basics
 10- Seismic waves
 11 - Faults  and            Earthquakes 

 12 - Quake                   monitoring Exam 3 13 - Historic and  



14 - Quake hazards 

        and preparedness 

15 - Review and  Exam 4

No Textbook                



Vic Camp How Volcanoes Work  (an online information resource)


-Plate Tectonics from USGS:  This Dynamic Earth


-Earthquakes:   San Francisco Exploratorium Earthquake Info

                         Investigating Earthquakes through Regional Seismicity -


When:    MWF    8:00-8:58      

Where:   P-165      televised  to Stockton/Merced/Sonora


Syllabus (pdf format)

Instructor: Dr. Rob Rogers, Office hours: 9-11 MWF - Naraghi Hall (New Science Building) N-153, email: rrogers@geology.csustan.edu

Course description:  SHAKE and BAKE.  Earthquakes and volcanoes are responses to the processes occurring within the Earth.  These natural events are both destructive and beautiful.   In this course we will take a close look at the ways in which volcanoes work and the conditions that trigger earthquakes, to see what these natural phenomena tell us about the way in which the Earth works. Topics to be discussed will include: Plate tectonics, the origin of magmas; types of volcanoes; managing volcanic hazards; volcanism and the origin of the atmosphere and oceans; the measurement of earthquakes; the destructive effects of earthquakes including tsunamis; and what are we doing to mitigate earthquake damages

Assessment: 6 quizzes/assignments (10 points each) and 4 exams (100 points each).  There are 460 points possible in class.  Exams will be during regular class hours..  

There will be no make-ups of quizzes.  Make-up exams MAY be allowed with AT LEAST a letter grade penalty.  If you need to take exam early then please see me at least one week prior scheduled exam.

Attendance: Students are expected to attend classes.  There will be a sign-in sheet most days we meet.

How to do well in this class: Get as many point as possible.

1) read material - before class

2) come to class - pay attention, take notes, ask questions if something is not clear.

3) Study - re-read materials and notes before quizzes and exams.

4) Show up and take the quizzes and exams 

5) Be curious 

Other: Respect others. Please do not disrupt their learning.  Remember to turn off cell phones.  If you must leave during class, do so quietly.  


All University Rules and Policies apply to this class including but not limited to subjects of Academic Honesty, Plagiarism, Cheating, Sexual Harassment, etc. 


Plate Tectonics